10 Marketing Efforts that Sabotage Businesses; Do These Look Familiar?

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Are these random efforts sabotaging your marketing?

It’s that time of the year again: Clients MIA, pushing everything off until the inevitable first of the year. There’s not much you can do about your clients, but this year, you can do something for yourself. Use this time to develop a marketing strategy—not just throwing your hard-earned money at marketing—which is probably what you’ve been doing and you know it doesn’t work—but a real plan with goals, a budget, timeline and responsibilities. Without a strategic marketing plan, your marketing efforts translate to wasted dollar–and more importantly–missed opportunities. Here are 10 marketing efforts that sabotage businesses; do these look familiar?

  1. A random one-off ad, capitalizing on that great holiday special offer from Angie’s List. You know that a one-time ad is a really bad idea, but ad salespeople are so convincing . . .
  2. You ran a PPC ad campaign on Google, but you ran out of money the first month before you could recognize any momentum—or ROI. PPC gets expensive very quickly if not properly managed and can become a sinkhole.
  3. Your last social media post was in August, when your intern left.
  4. You tried blogging, but you’re a really crappy writer, and it requires drafting a post and finding someone else to rewrite it.
  5. Your monthly newsletter is now a quarterly, and now even that is looking too ambitious.
  6. Your website hasn’t been updated for three years; your brother-in-law built it for <$500 without any knowledge of SEO or navigation.
  7. Your picture on your website was taken 20 pounds ago, and you haven’t updated your bio in eight years.
  8. You spent a lot of money on a brochure, and you now have 2500 copies in your storeroom.
  9. Your rebranding effort stalled, so you now have different logos on your marketing channels. No wonder people are confused.
  10. You have a drawer full of business cards—potential clients and contacts that you want to meet for coffee and add to your contact management system, but the pile just keeps growing.

Instead of these aborted and failed marketing efforts, think about someone’s integrating your marketing channels, actually finding your website and reading about your impressive background and receiving your lively newsletter every month. Think about repurposing those newsletter articles as blog posts and social media posts—let’s get some mileage out of your content. What’s happening in your business that deserves a press release or could be pitched to local media?

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