10 Quick Tips for Blogging Success

You’re likely familiar with stats about how blogging is great for SEO, bloghow it positions you as an industry expert and gives you a chance to share your knowledge. Yet sometimes it just seems like another writing assignment and you’re already drowning. Here are some ideas to help make blogging easier.

  1. If you’re producing a newsletter, make sure you’re repurposing your articles to your blog.
  2. Publish your blog to your social media sites.
  3. Don’t be afraid to steal ideas. Identify articles in industry publications with which you agree or disagree and use these as launching pads for discussion. Link to the article and credit the author.
  4. Everyone loves a story. Use a case study, a success story, or describe how you’ve helped a client grow his/her business.
  5. Leverage current events, industry trends and new initiatives. Describe how they affect your business or industry.
  6. Statistics always make an interesting story.
  7. Include images. People need to be entertained. If you don’t know about Google Images, you should.
  8. Sex up your title to draw readers in—this is a seduction, after all.
  9. Set aside time to write and create an editorial calendar. Identify seasonal events, activities or people whom you can highlight.
  10. Include a call to action.

One final thought. Your blog is your soapbox. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions. Those who love you will love you even more. Those who don’t? Well, really, who cares?

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