5 Key Lessons of Successful Entrepreneurs

5 Key Lessons of Successful Entrepreneurs


Stay on top of your industry, do great work and you will become recognized as a leader

Time for reflection. It’s been five years since I started my business, Top of Mind Marketing. Thirty+ years in corporate marketing environments didn’t even begin to prepare me for the life of the entrepreneur. I’ve made an amazing number of mistakes and learned from some them. Starting your own business requires stamina, hutzpah and plenty of old-fashioned hustle. Here are 5 Key Lessons of Successful Entrepreneurs.

  1. Love. Know why you’re doing this; love it enough to work an obscene number of hours/week and continue to want to work and learn. Trust your guts and stop second-guessing your decisions.
  2. Balance. You can have a life—you can work any 80+ hours/week you choose. Your first duty is to remain standing. Learn to treat yourself because there’s a good chance no one else is going to.
  3. Growth. Hire for intelligence, not skills. Don’t wait for the perfect time, tool or anything, for that matter; forever is too long to wait.
  4. Trust. It’s everything. It’s your brand, your integrity, your reputation in the marketplace. If you can’t trust you employees, dump them. If people can’t trust you, you don’t have a business.
  5. Leadership. Forget about ego—people prefer honesty and humility. When things go wrong, it’s how you recover that counts. No need to grandstand. Stay on top of your industry, do great work and you will become recognized as a leader.

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