5 Things to do in August When Your Clients are MIA

5 Things to do in August When Your Clients are MIA


All of your clients are on vacation, which is where you should be

This is the time of year when everything slows down. It’s beastly hot; and all of your projects are on hold because your clients are maddeningly MIA or onvacation, which is, after all, where you should be. You’re inching up on that no-man’s land where everything gets pushed off until after Labor Day.

Here are 5 Things to do in August when your clients are MIA

  1. Learn a new skill. I’m finally getting my arms around Yoast, the WordPress plugin that helps websites increase their SEO value.
  2. Deepen a relationship. I’m on a mission to develop relationships with power partners. Time for endless coffee dates.
  3. End a relationship. This is a personal fav. I just made a decision to stop working with a colleague who’s sucking me dry. It reminds me of a baseball game where a pitcher has a big inning. Baseball fans know how this one goes—one horrible inning that’s never going to end. The pitcher gives up a run or two, then the bases are loaded and the next guy up hits a grand slam and there are no outs. All of a sudden, it’s looking like a very long afternoon. In the same way that these big innings never end, some people just keep demanding more than you can deliver and don’t get that you haven’t any more to give. Worst of all, you’re getting nothing in return. Move on.
  4. Update your website. Be honest: is your website even relevant anymore? Have you added those new products and services that are now part of your business offering?
  5. Sign up for a webinar, seminar or workshop. There are so many great, inexpensive resources that we never seem to have time for.

One final idea: Forget 1-5 above and take time for yourself

Take an afternoon off and go to a movie. Have a long, indulgent lunch with a favorite pal. Have a massage, go shopping. Settle in with a good book and a glass of wine at your favorite wine bar or coffee shop. We’re always so busy taking care of our children, partners/spouses, parents and clients.

Taking time out for ourselves seldom makes our to-do lists, though it should be right up there at the top!

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