7 Easy Tips For Growing Your Blogging Audience

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7 Easy Tips For Growing Your Blogging Audience

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise and create SEO value, but building an audience can be a challenge. Writing eye-catching headlines is key to audiencecapturing attention and building loyalty. Try making these just a little bit edgy. The way that you structure your blogs can also increase the likelihood that people will read and subscribe to your blog. Here are 7 easy tips for growing your blogging audience:

  1. Use lists:8 reasons to do something . . .”, “15 tips to achieving whatever . . . ” Providing a number makes a list definitive, pragmatic and best of all—easy to read. Note that a larger number of items in your is more effective. Time to get creative.
  2. Use digits rather than words – “10 ways to grow your business…” works better than “Ten ways to grow your business
  3. To all of the lifelong learners out there–we all want to get smarter, right? Try “The 5-minute Guide to . . .” or “The Beginner’s Guide to . . .”
  4. Use snappy subheads. This helps break up the page and entice the eye down the page. No one will read a huge, 6-inch block of text.
  5. Use bullets when possible. A lot of the appeal of bullets is visual—a little white space is a good thing. Too much text is intimidating. We already have too much to read.
  6. Provide images. We all want to be entertained. A Facebook stat: Posts with images get 53 more Likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.
  7. Keep it short and focused. Even the best writers ramble. Write your blog, then come back later and read it. You will be amazed at the perspective that a few hours provides. You will be able to eliminate unnecessary description that doesn’t contribute to your topic.

I love blogging, but I’m a writer . . .

I’m always noodling about topics, and it’s relaxing to sit down once/week and write my weekly blogpost. I do it for a few reasons—it’s great for SEO, I can take my posts and repurpose them to my newsletter for easy turnaround and it positions me as an industry thought leader. I also write blogposts for many of my clients. Struggling with blogging for your business? Talk to us at Top of Mind Marketing; we’re writers and content marketing specialists

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