Top of Mind Marketing Launches new Website

I just launched my new WordPress website—a significant and long overdue upgrade. I started my business four years ago, and while Top of Mind Marketing has evolved, my website remained stuck in a time warp. The SEO-savvy experts tell us that we should be adding compelling new content on a daily basis so search engines will eagerly seek us out. Get a grip. Once our websites are live, we are just too damn busy to fluff and pamper them.

WordPress changes the landscape
While I have built my blog and client sites in WordPress, my old site was created in an outdated format that had a text editor but was not fluent enough to allow me to add pages or upload images and pdf files. I started doing this myself, but figured I’d end up bungling it, so I worked with my wonderful, long-time web developer colleague, Ryan Lawrence, of BlueCap Web Design & Development, who helped me select and customize a template. He also gave me a little tutorial and optimized my site for digital devices.

New beginnings
I revised the navigation, dumped all the stale content and started over. I loved creating pdf files of my newsletters so I could upload them to my Resource page. I also developed a section for Marketing Tips, which I’ve turned into pdf files that people can download. My Blog now has its own page and the latest posts also show up on a sidebar on my home page, as does the most current issue of my newsletter.

I have pages for Social Media, a review of some of my projects in the Case Studies page and a page for Working with Us, which describes our pragmatic approach and how we work with our clients to find marketing solutions that fit not just their businesses but their lives.

My new site is reflective of where my business is right now. Will it still be relevant in six months? I can’t answer that. But I do know that I now have a site that I can easily update as my business evolves, and that’s exhilarating and liberating—whether or not I have time to do this is an entirely different matter.

A website has a shelf life
When was the last time you updated the content on your website? Ask me about converting your site to WordPress and updating your site so that it is SEO-savvy and reflects the evolution of your business.

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