A great new feature from Linkedin: ProFinder

There are many other reasons to love Linkedin these days—a professional network whose demographics include those who are college educated, older professionals.

And now there’s another reason to love Linkedin: ProFinder

Linkedin quietly launched a new pilot program that connects businesses and freelancers called ProFinder, LinkedIn’s first foray into the contingent workforce space.top of mind marketing_linkedin profinder This is something the staffing industry has discussed for a long time, and it’s now a reality– at least potentially. For recruiters, this is validation that sourcing contingent workers through online platforms has gone mainstream. For contractors and freelancers, this is a new source of potential new projects, tailored to their unique skills.

How it works

You create a login and profile, describing what you do. You can identify 3 predetermined industry categories—an effort to organize and classify your skillset to match you with proposals that potential employers post to ProFinder. As a beta user, I was included on a few emails describing the new program, then a final webinar shortly before the pilot was released. I was busy with some other projects and didn’t pay too much attention, but the other day I logged in to see what this looked like, and I’m really liking this.

10 projects delivered to me

My industry categories are SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. There were 10 projects delivered to me—all requesting one of these three services. Several were vague requests from entrepreneurs, but three of these were requests on which I would have followed up, except that all had expired, so I wasn’t able to create a proposal and submit it, so I didn’t test that process.

Apparently once projects hit ProFinder, they have a shelf life, though I don’t know what determines their expiration factor—whether it’s a date or if it has anything to do with the number of proposals that has been submitted or if the person who posted the proposal closes it. Clearly, if you’re interested in following up on any potential jobs posted on ProFinder, you need to check back frequently.

ProFinder is still just a pilot, but this looks like a terrific new program. I’m hoping Linkedin works through the kinks and rolls this out for general distribution.

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