A Love Note to My New iPhone: Why Did I Wait So Long?

By December 26, 2011The basics, Uncategorized

I bought an iPhone and can see what all the hype has been about. In the years since I finally capitulated and bought a cellphone (I was the last holdout–in general, I hate talking on the phone and don’t feel the need to be connected to everyone 24/7.) Like many people, I started with a freebie phone that I loved because it was tiny and could fit in my pocket. After a few years, I needed to be able to get email, so I bought a BlackBerry and learned to text.

The reason I finally broke down and bought an iPhone was simple: I lost the charger to my BlackBerry. Since I had to fork over $20 for a new charger, I decided the time was ripe for an upgrade. So here I am with a phone that makes my old Blackberry seem clunky, dated and totally inept. The sensitivity of my iPhone’s touch-driven keyboard is making me a bit crazy, but I’m quickly acclimating. Now I know why they called this a SmartPhone when it first hit the market. It’s not smart, it’s brilliant. Like every other happy iPhone user, I simply love this new tool. The only question I have is “Why did I wait so long?” Actually, there’s another question: “When am I going to get an iPad and Mac?” Soon.

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