A Writer’s Best Friend: The Delete Key

A Writer’s Best Friend: The Delete Key


Don’t be afraid to delete; it’s the mark of a good writer

As a writer, I have a developed a few tools over the years, but my most important tool is time—ideally, eight-24 hours. I like to be able to write something, then come back hours later and read what I’ve written. I am always amazed at the objectivity that I have after the passage of time. I strip out unnecessary words and phrases and revise awkward punctuation. Sometimes I add description that may enhance the meaning, but generally, it’s a matter of deleting words that really don’t contribute. A writer’s best friend is the delete key.

Make your case in the fewest words possible

Making your case in the fewest words possible is a skill that seems to be very difficult to master. I’m writing web content for a client right now who is brilliant; he’s a seasoned designer, very caught up in the philosophy of his craft. He has prepared reams of material for me to read about how he approaches every project. I’ve been totally stumped because no one really cares about this.

What’s missing: The pain

I want to know what problems he’s solving for his clients, how he’s helping them get more clients, create a better work environment and grow revenue—all things he is capable of doing, but I’m seeing no evidence of this in his philosophy documents.

As successful small business owners, we provide solutions for our clients. We look for the pain. This should always be our message and it shouldn’t get lost in our writing.

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