Be Generous with Your Time

By October 5, 2012The basics, Uncategorized

I was recently invited to the annual awards luncheon for a wonderful organization, the Women’s Initiative. It provides high-potential, low-income women with the training, funding and support to start their own businesses and become financially self sufficient.

The stats are impressive–just one year after graduation, graduates of the program average household income increases 60%. Five years after training, 70% of graduates are still in business. It goes on.

During the luncheon, we listened to the three award winners tell their stories, and everyone at my table was wiping away tears. One woman’s story was particularly moving. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, a single mother and the first person in her family to graduate from not just college, but law school.

She did this while her epileptic daughter was facing brain surgery. Most women in the program face language barriers and god only knows what other heinous obstacles. The program is supportive but rigorous. They learn to write a business plan, manage money, hire employees and create a customer service ethic.

Like many people in the room of more than 200 people, I was inspired to volunteer. I figure that all of these inspiring women could probably use some help with their marketing, and there are few things I love more than brainstorming about marketing ideas and implementing them on a miniscule budget.

But more than that, think about what would happen if everyone did just one thing to help somebody else. This is something I have always believed in. Be generous with your time.

Ask me about making the most of your marketing dollars–which is really all about your time. It’s what we do at Top of Mind Marketing!

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