Being Generous With Your Time Is an Investment in Relationship-Building


I’m tired of being asked to Like, Follow, Connect and Subscribe

I’m weary of social media. How many apps do we need to do the same thing? Social media, like a 12-step program, works if you work it. For the small business owner, the ROI just isn’t there.

I’m tired of the constant pleas to follow, connect, friend, click and share—for what result? All of these companies, people and brands whom you’ve never heard of and don’t really care about are trying to be clever and amazing. Twitter’s mindless posts may be the most annoying: “caffeinated wife, mother, lover, author, seeker of spiritual enlightenment and social media guru” or nuggets like this one—“when you got your pals, you got all you need”. These people all aspire to be amazing.

The reality is that they aren’t amazing at all or at least can’t be amazing every day
The way to really differentiate yourself? Help someone. If you sell something—sorry, the chances are that you will not do this on social media–you make a customer and some money today. But a sale is impersonal and doesn’t necessarily build relationships. If you help someone, you make a customer for life—and he/she is likely to tell his/her colleagues, friends and family about you because you took the time to share your knowledge.

Think about your own skill set: What do you do best?
Help a client streamline operations, develop a business plan, produce a newsletter, write better content, manage cash flow, optimize a website, become pain-free or eat a healthier diet. Being generous with your time is an investment in relationship-building.

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