Bullish on Blogging

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Bullish on blogging

I’m bullish on blogging. It increases your SEO value, establishes you as an industry expert, creates a voice and tone and provides you with your very own soapbox.

I recently gave a presentation on the benefits of blogging

  • I asked the audience how many were currently blogging. Two people raised their hands.
  • How many were thinking about blogging? A big show of hands.
  • What keeps you from blogging? It’s unanimous: lack of time, consoapboxtent and ideas.

If you don’t have ideas, you’re not paying attention. Many people think too hard
and stall. A blog is not the place to be solving the crisis in the Middle East. This is the place to have some fun. It is not a forum for self-promotion, but a place for information sharing.

Think about your blog as a place to share your expertise

How to do this? Tell a story—it can be about how you helped a client or solved a problem—everyone wants to be recognized as a solution provider. Clients are endless blog fodder—no need to mention names, and you can camouflage the details, but think of the ridiculous clients, the funny clients, the infuriating ones and the fabulous clients whom you wish you could clone. Do a shoutout–don’t be afraid to highlight a client or colleague from time to time for doing something truly extraordinary.

Create an editorial calendar to keep you on track

  • What’s coming up in your industry?
  • Blog about the highlights of a seminar or workshop.
  • Don’t be afraid to steal ideas.
  • Subscribe to industry newsletters and scan articles and headlines for ideas. If there’s an idea that gets your attention, take a stand and either agree or disagree with it. Reference the article and link to it.
  • Log in to Slideshare—the presentations are a great source of ideas for blogposts.

Your blogpost doesn’t need to be a tome—300+ words is recommended for best SEO value, but shorter posts often stand the best chance of getting read. Use your keywords and do include an image—we all need to be entertained. Most important: a blog is a commitment. If you can’t commit, don’t get started. If your last post was in June 2009, it looks like you can’t keep up. Remember that you can repurpose those blogs as newsletter articles and excerpts make great social media posts. Set aside an hour a week and start blogging–have some fun with this!

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