A holistic approach to content marketing

We make content work for us, and it starts with a blog, the workhorse of your content marketing program. Blogposts can be repurposed to your monthly newsletter, posted to Linkedin to reach a whole new marketing channel, and excerpts can be posted to social media. By consistently hitting the online space with fresh, quality content, you’re steadily increasing your SEO value and positioning yourself as an industry thought leader. This is what content marketing is all about.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO web content experts

“I’ve spent a fortune on my website and it’s not generating leads.” We hear this all the time, and we think you should be getting some ROI. Many people underestimate the role that well-written content–fully fleshed out landing pages and keywords—plays in their sites’ showing up in search engines. Developing specialized content is the value that we bring to every project.

Our content marketing strategies include:

  • Blogging requires a consistent, steady effort, but it pays off. Google’s last few major algorithm changes have made it clear that you can no longer trick search engines. Good content has become nonnegotiable. It should inform, entertain and help people do their jobs.
  • Producing a monthly newsletter that generally includes at least two articles, one of which is a case study. People love to read examples of how you’ve helped another client, because there may application for them. Telling a story is infinitely more powerful than just telling someone about your services.
  • Developing website landing pages. People always think they’re going to write their own website content—they’re the experts, after all. The problem? They’re not writers, and writing for the web is a unique skill. They also have their day jobs, and this is where web projects often stall. A writer keeps projects on schedule. One more thing: fully fleshed out content–landing pages–help your site show up in searches.
  • We like to start every project with keyword research–identifying keywords and using these as much as possible throughout all content development efforts.
  • Identifying and uploading images to create visual interest. People are 80% more likely to read a post if it’s accompanied by an image. We also label images with the name of the company and identify alt tags to provide more SEO value.
  • For ongoing efficiency, creating an account in HootSuite so we can publish posts, links and images to all social media sites at once as well as monitor and comment on activity.
  • Building my clients’ online communities, including increasing their Facebook Likes.
  • Making sure that all of their communications are integrated—website, social media, newsletters and blogs as well as any print communications and signage. This is your online brand; we want to ensure that you have a consistent tone, voice and message.

Ask me about how I develop customized marketing solutions for my clients. I look forward to talking with you,