Content is No Longer King. Instead, Think Conversation

I attended a conference last week sponsored by the Institute for Social, Search & Mobile Marketing (ISSMM)that was a full day of speakers across a wide range of disciplines who are doing some interesting things in the digital media space.

  • A guy from a division of venerable Saachi & Saachi showed us some brilliant Facebook advertising for luxury brands like Lexus. 
  • There was a woman from Cisco who talked about gamification–how they are stealing ideas from computer games to make their products more accessible.
  • A guy from Intel is in charge of their Buzz Marketing division
  • Another guy talked about metrics because somebody has to be accountable, right?

Bleach is so not sexy
A guy from Clorox was very funny. His challenge? Making cleaning products sexy. They must be doing something right because plain old unsexy bleach has more than 700K Likes, and their Facebook page is very good—they keep it lively and interactive with contests, posing questions about thorniest stains, etc.

We wrapped the day up with the couple who founded Barefoot Wine
These guys were pioneers in social networking, creating social responsibility and community the old fashioned way—going out to individual communities and introducing their wine to nonprofits and people who united behind a cause. They’ve been wildly successful, and remember the principles on which they built their company, giving back to their community. Very inspiring.

A few takeaways:

  • Remember Content is King? It’s over, O-V-E-R. It’s now Conversation is King. It’s not enough to just be posting to your FB page, you need to be eliciting a response. Think about what you can be doing to initiate a dialog.
  • Focus on feelings, not facts—but you knew this. Selling is relational and visceral. Your products and services become irrelevant because you are selling yourself.
  • Make stuff people want, not make people want stuff

They’re doing this conference again in the fall, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in  bigger picture ideas across and some good networking.

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