Content Marketing: Ideal Lengths For Just About Everything

How long should a blogpost be? I get this one a lot. What about a social media post? A critical one is a newsletter subject line. Of course these have changed with our reliance on our digital devices—you always need to be thinking about what something’s going to look like on somebody’s phone.

We’re courting two clients: search engines and our actual clients

Actual clients are the ones you want to pick up the phone and call you. Let’s face it. We’re all busy and we love snappy little blogposts with a great message and image. Remember that really good content marketing is instructive—it should help you do your job, make you think or laugh. But to attract search engines, a snappy little post really isn’t doing you any good. It needs to be long—and according to the chart below, it needs to be really long—1,500 words. This is the optimal length for ranking on search engines. Frankly, coming up with a 1,500-word blog starts to feel like a LOT of work.

As writer, and I know the value of blogging

Blogging is a chance to share your expertise and it’s invaluable in terms of SEO. I always—no matter how busy I am—make time for a weekly blog. It’s easy for me to whip up a 500-600 word blog, but I’m not sure I can come up with a 1,500 worder on a regular basis.

To think about—does anyone have time to read 1,500 words? It’s a stretch: if you’re going to write this much, frontload it.

  • Make sure you get the most important information at the beginning, including your keywords
  • Not sure how to flesh this out? Use examples and case studies
  • Do also remember that visual keys are important—break this up with subheads and use bulletpoints
  • Images are critical

Take a look at this chart

top of mind marketing ideal lenghts

What’s interesting is that every content item, except for a blog, is calling for short and cryptic.

  • Twitter taught us to think within character limitations. It was good training for mobile devices
  • Subject lines need to fall within 50 characters.
  • Paragraphs should be 4 lines
  • FB posts–just like Twiiter–should be 140 characters
  • Metadescriptions are just 155 words

The bottom line: Making a point and getting the attention of our audience in just a few words is a skill worth cultivating.

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