8 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out from the Competition

Content marketing isn’t just about content—there’s a large visual component. If you land on a page that’s not thoughtfully laid out, you’re8 tips not going to read it, no matter how brilliant the content.

8 easy tips  . . .

  1. Think about the F word. Design your page like the letter F, with key elements across the top and down the lefthand column–the standard layout of a newsletter or webpage. Squelch your desire for creativity and optimize communication instead.
  2. Say good-bye to a background. It’s annoying and obfuscates your message. You don’t need any more competition.
  3. Black/white is too stark. Try charcoal—easier on the eyes.
  4. Avoid reverse type on a dark background. Impossible to read—leave this for designers who don’t seem to care whether/not anyone reads their message.
  5. Save the trendy new fonts for invitations. Time to be conservative. Stick with those that are easy to read and have a business orientation if you expect to be taken seriously.
  6. Break it up seems so hard to do. Avoid huge paragraphs by breaking them up into smaller paragraphs. Use bullets whenever possible. Use subheads so that the eye can scan a page—make someone want to read what you have to say.
  7. Call to action. Make it obvious. This is so not the time to be subtle.
  8. Include images. We live in an age when we expect to be entertained.

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