Content Marketing: Not Sure What to Write About? Tell a Story

I love content marketing, but I’m a writer. For others, it can be a source of endless frustration.content marketing One client, psychologist, has been working on a couple of articles for his newsletter since June. A photographer is struggling with a bio that captures how delightful she really is. Another client, a chiropractor, has good ideas but has never learned that the best way to tell a story is with the fewest, most direct words possible.

Content marketing: What to love:

  1. It’s free
  2. A way to show off your expertise
  3. Endures—your archives may just outlive you
  4. A marketing tool that is endlessly malleable. You can go back and update an article by adding an example, a graphic or an opinion—and who doesn’t like a platform to share these?

Content marketing: What not to love:

  1. You’re a terrible writer
  2. Too damn busy to think about topics, draft something up, hone it, identify graphics, publish to various channels
  3. Don’t understand those marketing channels where content needs to be published—newsletters, website, blogs and newsletters

The biggest challenge, of course, is what to write about. Make it easy on yourself and tell a story. A case study is compelling and positions you as a problem-solver. People love to read case studies because there’s a very good chance that it’s something with which they can identify, and you’ve just made a big step in developing a relationship.

Identify your clients and describe how have you helped them grow their businesses, develop new processes, saved them money, get new clients, solve problems, expand their product offerings, etc. As you develop your case studies, think in terms of problem/solution scenarios. Keep them short, break up long paragraphs, use subheads and bullets to help make these stories visually accessible. Let your personality and style come through and have some fun!

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