Content Marketing: Quality Trumps Quantity

That pesky Facebook has changed its algorithms again, which means they have changed the rules that determine how our posts show up. Facebook figures that any given post you make on your Facebook Page has a 20% chance of being seen by each of your fans. So what determines how many people actually see our clever posts?

According to Facebook “When a user likes something, that tells News Feed that they want to see more of it; when they hide something, that tells News Feed to display less of that content in the future.” This makes sense—with each activity, we’re sending a message to Facebook.

Facebook apparently has a few criteria for optimizing your posts:

1. How often your fans interact with your Page

2. The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives

3. How much your fans have interacted with this type of post from your Page in the past and whether/not your people are hiding or reporting a post.

The best thing to do is to make quality posts.

  • If you make 5 posts a day with which nobody interacts, pretty soon none of your fans will see them in their news feeds.
  • Make a few great posts with which a lot of your fans interact, and over time the number of people who sees your posts will increase.
  • Facebook has beefed up its Insights dashboard, so it’s easy to track the activity and see what kinds of posts are getting the best responses.

BTW—when people respond to your posts, keep the dialog going. It’s not just about content—it’s conversation. 

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