Content Marketing: Will Our Clients And Prospects Find This Useful?

Content Marketing: Will Our Clients and Prospects Find This Useful?

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a target audience – the object, of course, iscontentmarketing building loyalty and ultimately, acquiring new clients. The idea is that people will begin to recognize you for the quality of your content—your blogs and articles—and want to do business with you. Content marketing requires a long-term commitment to build a customer following.

You may or may not have a formal content marketing program . . . but chances are you are engaging in some kind of content marketing. You’re:

  • Posting to your Facebook page—this is your business page, not your personal page where you share some truly astonishing details about your life
  • Sending out a newsletter with at least some degree of regularity
  • The owner of a website with information about your company
  • Blogging about topics that are relevant to your industry, positioning yourself as an expert

How will you know if your content marketing effort is working?

Ask yourself this question: Will our clients and prospects find this useful? Content marketing is not a sales pitch; there is no room for personal arrogance, nor is this a platform for extolling the virtues of your products or your services. Rather, the value is in sharing information that will help someone do his/her job. If you believe that your blog, article or newsletter is providing useful information that is relevant, topical and timely, then you are making content marketing work for you. You are also distinguishing yourself as an expert, which is what content marketing is all about.

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