Death by PowerPoint: if You’re Not Passionate, You Shouldn’t be Presenting!

death by ppt

About 1M PowerPoints are going on right this very minute and 50% are unbearable. People are killing each other with bad presentations

Most of us these days, for better or worse, have become presenters. We’re either part of the speaker cycle in our networking groups or aggressively seeking speaking opportunities, boosting our chops as industry experts. If we’re paying attention, with each presentation, we become more polished. We may not love the limelight, but over time, we become more effective presenters. But we’ve all experienced Death by PowerPoint: if you’re not passionate you shouldn’t be presenting.

I just suffered through a PowerPoint presentation that qualified as a human rights violation. Dense, 10pt type, with neither graphics nor flowcharts to break the monotony, the presenter actually read this word for word. Not a soul was paying attention and he didn’t seem to notice. I fled after 40 minutes, my only regret was that I waited too long. I hate it when somebody blatantly wastes my time.

Some thoughts on PowerPoint presentations, with a little credit to Slideshare*

  • There are more than 300M ppt users in the world and 30M ppt presentations.
  • About 1M are going on right this very minute and 50% are unbearable.
  • People are killing each other with bad presentations.
  • Bad presentations = bad relations = bad sales = less money
  • Why do you present and why does it matter to you?
  • Are you passionate about your subject matter?
  • Create passion, passion attracts attention, attention leads to action.
  • The bottom line: If you aren’t passionate—or can’t convey that passion—stop presenting!

*if you’re not checking SlideShare out regularly, you’re missing out on some great ideas—perfect for those days when you’re trying to come up with an article or blog post and just can’t think of anything fresh, inspiring, clever or just plain fun.

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