Facebook: Like a 12-Step Program, It Works If You Work It

It’s easy to schedule a post–select year, month, day and time.

A colleague recently approached me about doing a Facebook tutorial. Love this part–he made it clear that I was his third choice—two other people had sent him proposals, then flaked out. Frankly, I had considered this option as well–this guy can be tough.

So we started with a two-hour session, and I wasn’t going to leave until we had created a Facebook page for his business, complete with a snappy new cover. Modest goals, but we covered a lot in two hours. Most important: people need to understand that while Facebook is fun, creative and free, it is most certainly not free if you consider your time—which you must. I like the 12-Step Program Approach; it works if you work it, and to make social media work for you is a LOT of work.

When it comes to Facebook, there’s a lot of functionality that people don’t use—we get busy and don’t take the time to explore new features, so I figured this was a good opportunity for me to do some research, and I have to say that those pesky folks at Facebook have rolled out some nice upgrades.

For this week’s session, I’m adding a few things to my curriculum (!): 

  • Schedule a post. Very handy if you’re going to be gone or too busy to make posts. I use Hootsuite, a dashboard app, but using Facebook’s scheduling function is quick and easy and you don’t have to open another app.
  • Share a picture. Just click on share, and you get a dialog box that allows you to send this to any/all of your FB friends—a great way to go viral and reach a large audience.
  • Privacy controls: besides friending/unfriending and deciding whom you want to get notifications from, this is where you can segment your community, which is very strategic. I like this.
  • Insights: there’s valuable information on your posts with graphs, including total reach and who’s talking about it. You can measure this by post and image and export the data. Figure out why posts are getting the best response, and do it again!
  • You can now drag a photo/graphic into a post rather than uploading it. Love this one. Fabulous time-saver.

Finally, how did my inaugural tutorial go? Surprisingly well. I’ve been invited back for a repeat engagement and a starter session with his wife. The best part? I’m liking that this is making me pick up my own game. 

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