Forget Business Philosophy. Tell Me How You Can Help Me

Forget business philosophy. Tell me how you can help me


People are interested in results, not your theory or philosophy

Forget business philosophy—no one cares. Tell me how you can help me grow my business, get more and better clients, make more money, work more efficiently and best of all–have more time for myself.

I’ve been working with a few clients recently who are very cerebral people, caught up in the philosophy of their industries. They are in the business of changing behaviors and love to talk about things like ethos and process evolution. The problem is that no one is really interested, just like no one is really interested in a listing of your services or even how long you’ve been in business. It’s abstract, boring and meaningless.

People want to hear about results

So how do you do that? As marketers, we learned early on to focus on the pain, and sometimes we need to be reminded of how effective this is. When you’re courting a potential new client, identify the biggest challenge—the pain—and figure out how you can help meet that challenge/solve the problem/alleviate the pain.

Tell a story: it’s visual and visceral

People love a story for a reason. It’s visual and visceral. There’s an emotional connection. Describe how you’ve helped a client in a similar situation effect change and grow his/her business. Don’t underestimate the power of a story—it establishes an emotional connection that people remember. Identifying the challenge and your solution shows that you’re a problem-solver, and I’ve never met a potential new client who isn’t impressed with this.

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