Forget the Ad Sales Rep; Stick with Networking and Word of Mouth

I just got a call from an ad sales rep at Yelp. He congratulated me on my great Yelp reviews and wants to talk with me about doing some advertising with them.

Their reporting shows that apparently I’m getting a lot of people looking at my page. I agreed to schedule a call with him, but started thinking about it after I hung up. I used to do a lot of traditional advertising for my clients, and I know that ad sales reps speak a whole different language and answer all of your questions with meaningless statistics.  

I realized that I’ve received one solitary prospect directly from Yelp. Now, that doesn’t mean that people don’t check out my reviews, but it does mean that exactly one person called me as a result of my Yelp page. I also realized that I’m not ready to pay $300/month for advertising that may/not work.

So where does most of my business come from? Networking and word of mouth. It works and the price is right.

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