Good-Bye Boring Ad Guy; Hello Chief Listening Officer

Good-Bye Boring Ad Guy; Hello Chief Listening Officer


Content marketing demands new skillets

Unless you’ve just emerged from Sleepy Hollow, you know that the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. New communication channels and the competition for eyeballs have elevated the importance of content.

I just read an interesting article about how this is affecting marketing departments, which are moving in the direction of publishing organizations.

Say good-bye to the old standbys of Direct mail Manager and the Advertising Guy. Look out for:

  • Chief Content Officer. This is your content ambassador, also known as an organization’s chief storyteller.
  • Managing Editor. Half storyteller and half project manager, the managing editor executes the content plan on behalf of the CCO.
  • Chief Listening Officer. Love this one. This guy is the air-traffic controller for social media and other content channels. Stays on top of breaking news and disseminates information.
  • Director of Audience. This person has a big job—not only monitoring your audience, but growing it.
  • Channel Master. Wherever your content is headed (social media, email, mobile, print, in-person, etc.), the channel master will be responsible for getting the most out of each channel.
  • Chief Technologist. Critical. Got to have this person around to make sure your channels are up and running.
  • Freelancer and Agency Relations. Really like this one. Departments reaching out to people like us—external experts–to supplement their in-house teams.
  • ROO (Return-on-Objective) Chief. The analytics guru. Give this person a raise and tell him/her go to work—this is a huge job and it’s never been more important.

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