Google Declares an End to Guest Blogging for SEO; Do it for All of the Other Benefits


Forget about SEO; Do it for all of the right reasons

If you enjoyed being a guest blogger to boost your SEO, it appears that the party’s over. Google has decided that too many people were guest blogging to gain links and boost their SEO, and the quality of those blogs has deteriorated to the point of becoming spam.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team recently announced that guest blogging exclusively for its SEO benefits must end. So, unless you want to be penalized by Google, stop guest blogging for SEO and do it for all the other benefits. Like everyone else, I have no idea how Google knows all of this or how it penalizes you, and frankly, I’m not sure I want to know. I also hate that Google has so much power.

Guest blogging for other benefits
If you enjoy being a guest blogger, by all means continue—remember that it’s the misuse of guest blogging that’s under attack, not the practice itself. Some things to be thinking about if you are thinking about seeking guest blogging opportunities for yourself or if you are looking for people to be guest bloggers on your website.

  • Guest blogging still represents a way to generate a variety of great content—a fresh, new perspective is often a welcome change.
  • Be selective about accepting or requesting guest blogging gigs—it’s your reputation—take care of it.
  • The emphasis is on quality. If you are asking someone to be a guest blogger on your website, exercise control over the post, including the topic. Bad writing, punctuation and grammar are ultimately a reflection on you.
  • Having a guest blogger can be a huge time-saver, but don’t rely exclusively on guests. If a user made it to your website, he/she is interested in your perspective, not that of one of your colleagues.

As a writer at Top of Mind Marketing, I love guest blogging opportunities—it provides a forum to showcase my product, which is my writing. I’m a guest blogger twice/week on the WomensBook; I also post on colleagues’ sites and I’m always looking for new guest blogging opportunities.

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