Google My Business: Snail-Mail My Validation Code–Are They Crazy?

By June 15, 2014SEO, Uncategorized

I was catching up on some reading and allowed myself to get a little excited about googlemybusiness.jpggGoogle’s relaunch of their small and local business services. Google My Business is a new dashboard that connects search, maps, Google+ and AdWords along with some new features.

I dug out an old gmail address and created an account–the same thing I’ve done a gazillion times—business profile, image and logo, etc. I worked my way down to the Insights and Reviews sections and realized that I couldn’t access these without a validation code.

Validation code via snail mail?
I clicked on this and figured it would show up in my inbox. But no—believe it or not—Google actually sends my validation code via snail mail—apparently I can expect this in two weeks.

What are they thinking?
By the time my validation code arrives, I’ll probably either completely miss it and throw it out with the junk mail or be way too busy to be fooling around with Google’s latest folly—which may be just another attempt to get people to actually USE Google+–not just create accounts, which is what’s happening now.

Does Google have too much power?
I’m on the alert for my validation code. Remember that Google owns search, and none of us wants to do anything to sabotage our chances of showing up on search engines. I hate that Google has so much power.

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