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I’ve been working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), registering my website on a list of more than 150 directories. This is the way that your site gets recognized by search engines–which means more visibility, more potential clients and more money. Hooray! You can pay to have someone do this, but I wanted to get a feel for how this all works. It’s not hard, just a bit of a snooze.

One thing they don’t tell you is that you’re going to get spammed. For each directory, you have to enter your contact information. For many of these, you will receive an additional email to which you must respond in order to activate the account. The thing to remember is that they now own your email address. And as you know, once you get on a mailing list, it can be very difficult to get off it.

Be diligent in looking for that tiny little box asking you if you want to receive further notifications. The sneaky part: this is generally already checked as the default. If you miss this, you have just signed up for their communications and well may be on this list for life. You can scroll to the bottom of an email and click on Safe Unsubscribe, but these guys may not bother to update their databases to reflect this change, so when they get ready to send the next communication, they simply export their contact lists, and guess what–you’re still on it.

So how to avoid these unwanted communications? Spam filters can help, but frankly, I think this is the cost of doing business. My advice? Take a look at these newsletters that hit your inbox–they are often a source of good information and may provide ideas for your next newsletter or blog. Don’t be afraid to poach ideas.

Also talk to me about SEO.  Now that I’ve become an expert, I’m providing this service for my clients, including writing and posting articles, at different support levels. For a couple of clients, I completely write and post these. For others, it’s a collaboration. The methodology is completely up to the client. I know many people who are good writers, but finding time to write and post articles just doesn’t happen. For these clients, I am happy to become their voices.

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