How Do You Know When It’s Time to Update your Website?

Our lives may be spiraling out of control, but our websites have gotten simpler, and we owe it all to our digital devices. Since people these days newsiteare online 24/7, websites have to be able to translate to digital. With the emergence of WordPress, we are no longer at the mercy of an elusive web guy; we can now own our sites, updating them easily and on the fly.

Update content for improved SEO
If your content no longer reflects your business, then it’s time for an update. Good SEO content plus metadescriptions and keyword identification dramatically increase your site’s chances of ranking high in searches. For your keywords, think about what words people would be keying into a search engine to find you–those words become landing pages. Content for each landing page must be very focused, repeat the keyword/page title 8-12x/page, and the page should be at least 300 words.

Is it time to upgrade to WordPress?
If your branding hasn’t changed, the design is still good and the navigation functional, then a content rewrite, adding pages for new products and services, may be sufficient.

If your site isn’t in WordPress. is this important? It is if you and your team are hands-on and want to be able to swap out text, add new pages and upload new graphics. It’s time to either convert to WordPress or start over with a new WordPress template and create a brand new site.

If, however, you send site changes to your web developer and never touch your site, save your money. Stick with keeping your content updated—this is your chance to tell potential clients what you do. Remember that any time you are producing written material about your business, you are positioning yourself as an industry expert.

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