How to Go Viral on Linkedin

top-of-mind-marketing_going-viralSmart bloggers and writers are posting their blogs to Linkedin—the premier social platform for B2B users. Previous research revealed that LinkedIn audiences like content that is practical—that which helps them do their jobs or identifies industry trends. If you want your posts to go viral, you’ll have a much better chance if you learn from the research of Buzzsumo, a content marketing website that recently examined 300,000 of 2016’s most shared posts and found that the most commonly used headline phrases of successful posts were:

  • How to
  • You need to
  • Why you should
  • Can learn from
  • The future of

Career advice remains popular

Linkedin users are also looking for jobs, so topics that provide tips on advancing your career, habits to form or mistakes to avoid, and how to be a successful leader or manager also receive a significant number of shares. These are excellent examples of posts that went viral, receiving more than 10K shares.

  • 7 Extremely Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Reputation (12,700 shares)
  • Will Working Remote Kill Your Career? (11,500 shares)
  • How To Be A Leader When You’re Not The Boss (10,600 shares)

Posts about improving sales also performed well

  • The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen  (39,000 shares). Who wouldn’t click on this one?
  • Two Words Top Sales Reps Never Say (11,900 shares)

Industry trends about content marketing did well

Especially Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016 (10,000 shares)

Write about success: Linkedin users are looking for advice

  • Share advice and make it personal. Whether personal or business focus, make this about you.
  • Focus on work: Will your insights make someone more successful at work? What are things to avoid or what have you learned that you can share?
  • Talk trends and the future: Will your knowledge provide insights into the future of your industry?
  • Stick with what works: If you find a format that works, reuse it.

This analysis focused on the most popular headlines and topics of highly shared content. These aren’t rules; rather, the result of some fairly intensive research with conclusive results about what resonates with LinkedIn audiences. I’ve been posting my blog to Linkedin for a couple of years. When I first began posting, I received a lot of views and comments, but the number has dwindled. I believe it’s more about the sheer number of posts—the competition for eyeballs is huge—than the quality of my blogs.

The takeaway: craft headlines that teach

If you want your posts to be read—and go viral—craft headlines that teach. Use How to, why you should or the future of. Linkedin users are eager to learn.

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