How to Take Your Business to The Next Level? Take a Lesson from the GS Warriors

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How to Take Your Business to The Next Level? Take a Lesson from the GS Warriors

I’ve learned a lot in my five years as a business owner. Thinking back to the early days, something that used to make me howl was talk about taking your businesses to the splashbrothersnext level—when you’re at zero, what in God’s name is the next level and how do you know when you get there? I still weary of conversations about the next level, but I now have a great example of a company that clearly understands what the next level is and how they’re going to get there. How to take your business to the next level? Take a lesson from our own Golden State Warriors.

It all started with new owners with some very deep pockets . . .

It began with new owners—a VC and a Hollywood guy—who have deep pockets and a commitment to winning. They took a chance on a smart new GM and a rookie coach, and got the ball rolling by trading a popular player who never quite understood that it’s teams that win championships. With steady acquisitions of strategic players and continued development, this team starting playing exciting basketball, winning games and reached the playoffs two years in a row.

But the team stalled under that new coach

Time to step it up. The Mark Jackson era was over and Steve Kerr–player, broadcaster, GM and now rookie coach was anointed. Kerr is another really smart guy who, as a newbie, knows what he doesn’t know. He’s surrounded himself with savvy assistants and together they are a seasoned group of coaches and strategists who promise to bring an important element of discipline to the Warriors. Perhaps most important, in the Warriors organization there’s a top-down driven commitment to winning, with plans to build what will inevitably be a world-class arena in San Francisco.

The Warriors are well on their way to the next level

In a few short years, you can see the calculated steps that this organization has taken to build a championship team—much to the delight of their Bay Area fans.

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