Isn’t It Time You Received Some ROI From Your Website?

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Isn’t It Time You Received Some ROI From Your Website?

ROIMost of us these days assume that we’ve got to have a website to be real. But way too many business owners create a website, often without a lot of thought and planning, then can’t figure out why it’s not generating any leads. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Yours is a DIY effort or you worked with a web developer who didn’t think that SEO was part of his job; SEO is what makes a site show up in search engines.
  • “We’ll get something up there and fix it later”. Later rarely comes and you’re paying the price every time someone visits your site–or not.
  • You didn’t do a comprehensive keyword analysis, creating landing pages for each of your products, services and primary keyword phrases.
  • Your site is a mess, and there is really no compelling reason why anyone would want to call you.

There are really two things going on here

It’s the SEO (search engine optimization) that makes your site show up on search engines so that people can find your site. But once they land on your site, there has to be a reason to stay there, learn about what you do and decide to call you.

A website validates you

It should look professional, show that you can organize information, that you can write and create an attractive layout with good navigation. When you meet a potential client, he/she inevitably goes to your site to see what you’re all about.

Is your site even relevant any more?

Many business owners launch their sites and assume they’re finished, but site represents your business; just as your business doesn’t stand still, neither should your website. Take a good look at your site: is it even relevant? Most businesses evolve; keeping a website updated with new products and services is critical to your marketing efforts.

Time to start blogging

For optimal SEO, your site needs fresh content, and the best way to do this is with a weekly blog. You don’t have to be solving the crisis in the Middle East—keep it fun and chatty. Talk about the problems you’ve solved, profile a client, tell a story; don’t be afraid to be funny or share an opinion. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, but it’s also a forum for creating a style and having some fun.
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