John’s $1 Scoop Ice Cream: Providing Consistent Value is the Way We Should All be Running our Businesses

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We were in Berkeley a few weeks ago to see a wonderful Palestinian film,$1scoop “Omar”. We walked down Shattuck past John’s $1 Scoop Ice Cream. As always, there was a line of people clutching dollar bills in their fists, thinking about how good an ice cream cone was going to taste on a warm spring afternoon.

Masters of minimalism
John’s has been there for at least three or four years. They haven’t raised their prices or moved to a larger, upscale space. Their little storefront is cramped and bare, but there’s always a line, regardless of season or their significant competition: a chic little gelato shop and a Tom & Jerry’s around the corner. They haven’t bothered with a website or Facebook page; their signage is homemade and it shows.

No one in line seems to be talking about high-butterfat ratios or exotic flavors. But people flock to John’s $1 Scoop and it transcends the price. We can all take a lesson from John—providing consistency and value, day in and day out, is the way we should all be running our businesses.

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