Website Landing Pages: Tell Me Why I Should Buy Your Product

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It all starts with keywords

What were they thinking?
I’m still astonished by what people dream up for their websites—I just talked to a potential new client who is launching a new business and has invested all of her marketing dollars in a Darth Vader site—a black background with tiny white type that’s virtually unreadable. She doesn’t get that white space is an important design element, and having to click on something to find out what the site is all about is a very dated strategy. Furthermore, gratuitous movement is just that—gratuitous. If you can write or design something more simply, by all means do it.

The recipe for SEO content starts with keywords
Rule number one for good SEO is to think about what people would be keying into a search engine to find you, then making those keywords landing pages. Landing pages need to be narrowly focused, at least 300 words and should reiterate the keyword/phrase 8-10x/page.

Identify the benefits of working with you
Make your landing pages work for you by listing the benefits of working with your company. Use bullet points for easy scanning and optimal accessibility. These should be short and concise.

  • Tell the page visitor what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Identify the pain–what emotional need is being met by your product/service.
  • Think about the “what’s in it for me” question.

Be thinking about how your product/service is going to help your clients streamline processes, save time or money or position them as thought leaders—there’s a home for this on every landing page!

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