What Would Madison Bumgarner Do?

What Would Madison Bumgarner Do?

The San Francisco Giants have done it again—our third World Series title in five years. RecognizedMadBum
as a scrappy, come-from-behind team, these are seasoned players who know how to compete in the postseason. The operative word has always been “team”; this group is known for cohesiveness and team dynamic, not big egos and superstars. But Madison Bumgarner has emerged as a superstar and has become my own personal hero for the way he does his job. In clutch situations, I’m finding myself thinking “What would Madison Bumgarner do?”

An historical walk to the mound signaled the end

This year, we all know there would have been no World Series—no postseason at all–without the efforts of Madison Bumgarner. When we saw MadBum walk up to the mound in the fifth inning of the 7th game of the World Series, we breathed a collective sigh of relief and secretly began celebrating, because we knew we’d just won another World Series. The Kansas City fans suddenly became subdued because they, too, knew it was over.

MadBum: A lesson in branding

The MadBum brand really hasn’t changed since he hit the bigs in 2010 and started in his first World Series as just a rookie. He’s steely, focused, calm and fiercely competitive. No drama, histrionics, breastbeating or boasting, no drugs or scandal. Pitching is his job, and he simply comes to work every single day and delivers because he knows that people are counting on him. Humble and modest, he’s a big, strong country guy who lives simply and has just made history. Happily, San Francisco has a new hero.

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