Identify Your Audience–Unless You’re the SF Giants, Whose Audience is Everyone

One of the most fundamental rules of marketing is to identify your Sergioaudience. If you think your audience is everyone, it’s the wrong answer—unless, of course, you’re the SF Giants.

I became a sports fan in 2010. Jim took me to a Giants game–my first baseball game in 40 years. It was bitterly cold and windy (it was summer in San Francisco, after all); and I’d forgotten that a baseball game lasts for nine long innings, not the seven innings I remembered, and I was miserable.

Over the course of the summer I became a diehard Giants fan, and we won the World Series. For a fan, it doesn’t get any better than this, and then, improbably, we did it again in 2012.

The Giants’ audience is, well, everyone
The Giants can forget about having to identify their audience because that audience really is everyone. In our section, there’s a guy with Down Syndrome who never misses a game. He brings a bag that includes assorted snacks, a baseball glove, a rubber chicken and assorted rally rags that he loves to stand up and wave. He occasionally forgets which team he’s rooting for, but we love him anyway.

There are old people, young people, kids and babies, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, African Americans, Asians, Latinos and Caucasians, heterosexual and LGBT—all proudly decked out in orange and black, each with his/her favorite player. Night after night, for six grueling months, these loyal fans pack AT&T Park with sold-out crowds.

I love being part of the crowd that streams into AT&T Park for game day. This group checks its problems at the door and is united for a few hours by our love of Giants baseball, which transcends a bat and a ball and a diamond. It’s group of guys playing their hearts out every single game.

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