Missed Opportunities: If There’s a Field, Fill it In!

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Never pass up a chance to describe your business using your keywords

I have a test for my digital media clients—especially those who tell me that they’re savvy about social media. I go to their Facebook pages and click on About. When I’m rewarded with a Google map and a telephone number, I know that my clients aren’t nearly as savvy as they think they are. The bottom line: If there’s a Field, Fill it In!

Facebook, Yahoo—all social media apps—have fields that you can fill out to describe your business. Never–ever–leave these empty. This is your chance to share your expertise. Some of these fields have character limits, so you have to be clever and use the most descriptive words and stay within the character restrictions. Twitter is the most obvious example—this social media app gives you just 160 characters to describe yourself, so it’s a challenge to come up with the most attention-getting and authentic description of your business. Think about your services, your specialties and most of all, your keywords.

Increasing your SEO value

People do read these About sections, but even if they didn’t, there’s something else going on. Every time your name appears in the online space, you’re increasing your SEO value, and the likelier it is your website, blog (remember that your blog is a landing page and has its own url) or social media sites will show up when someone searches for your services in a search engine.

Keyword research on Google Adwords

If you’re smart, you’ve gone to Google Adwords and done some keyword research. Make a list of the keywords and keyword phrases that you want to be using in your online communications and keep it handy; use these keywords as much as possible in all of your online communications, including your blogs and social media posts.

Don’t forget to include . . .

  • Your name in your posts. This is a great opportunity to get your name into the online space and
  • A call to action. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Your phone number and email address—the most important information on your site.

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