Newspapers, Bookstores Going out of Business, But Power of Words Remains Strong

I keep hearing people say that nobody reads anymore. Well, yes, contenttnewspapers and magazines have folded and bookstores have gone out of business. But, if you’re paying attention, people still read—a lot–and it’s all about content marketing. Witness the never-ending stream of blogs, newsletters and social media posts with which we are inundated.

But content marketing, and the stories you tell, are what make people decide if they like you, if you understand their needs, and if they want to work with you. They initially may be drawn in by your well-designed website and beautiful graphics, but if that site doesn’t deliver any real substance, if it doesn’t address how you work with your clients or the problems you solve, you probably wasted a lot of money on your site.

The power of words has never diminished
We tell stories, make emotional connections and build relationships with words; and while imagery and design are important, we ultimately require more information. Think about the endless Googling we do to find product information. We always get visuals, but it’s the descriptions that really help us make  purchasing decisions.

Content marketing: the way businesses communicate today
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