October Baseball: 7 Lessons You Can Learn from the SF Giants

October Baseball: 7 Lessons You Can Learn from the SF Giants

It’s October baseball, and once again, there are many lessons we can take away from the Giants.

  1. Never stop believing. We all slump, soar and experience moments of brilliance–along with inevitable down cycles where we can’t seem to get out ofMadisonBumgarner our own way. If you keep doing your best work, you will make the playoffs.
  2. There’s no substitute for superb leadership. Bruce Bochy has raised the bar for all managers. He knows exactly what his team is capable of on any given night and is intensely loyal to his guys. His players love and respect him in turn–along with everyone else in baseball.
  3. Senior management should quietly take care of business. Just about the time we began to wonder if the farm system was ever going to deliver, we get eleventh hour players like Joe Panik who took over second base like a seasoned veteran. Committed to the big picture, Brian Sabean & Co. have a long-term vision that balances talented newbies with fierce gladiators like  Jake Peavy.
  4. Teamwork wins games, not superstars with private agendas. This is not Barry Bonds baseball. On any given night there’s a new hero.
  5. Every team needs a clutch hitter. Brandon Crawford’s grand slam put the Giants up 4-0 and stunned the Pittsburgh’s loyal fans. We all need someone on our team who is good in a crisis, someone who can think on his/her feet, someone on whom we can count for the big play when we need it.
  6. If you’ve got a big presentation coming up, don’t be afraid to use your stud. Madison Bumgarner walked out to the mound, and without drama or histrionics, simply did his job, completely shutting down the competition.
  7. Create a brilliant marketing campaign. The ads in their totality are all about community—the gamer babes and silly costumes, the old and young, the legion of fans spanning every imaginable demographic happily filling AT&T Park for six long months every year, united by their love of baseball.

We can all take inspiration from these guys. On to the playoffs!

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