Pay-per-Click: Where’s the ROI?

We’ve all done it, whether for ourselves or our clients. Taken a huge leap of faith and talked ourselves into a Facebook ad, marveling at how affordable it can be. We promisetop of mind marketing_ppc campaigns ourselves we’ll control the cost, work smart and monitor the results, making changes as we go. We convince ourselves that spending the money is worth it for brand awareness and, if we’re selling a product, there’s the added incentive of immediately starting to generate revenue. But is this really a good use of our marketing dollars? What’s the ROI on PPC advertising these days?

The research team at TechnologyAdvice partnered with Unbounce to survey 456 Internet users about banner and display ads, social ads and sponsored search engine results. The results were sobering.

 First the bad news: No one is clicking

  • Nearly 80% of users said they almost never click on ads.
  • 71% of users find behavior-based and personalized ads intrusive or annoying.
  • 38% of users don’t pay attention to online ads.
  • A whopping 90% have never made a purchase or submitted personal information after clicking on an ad.

There is good news

  • 55% of users say a relevant message would make them click on an ad, if it weren’t intrusive or annoying.
  • Earned and organic media have gained a significant boost from social efforts and a committed content marketing strategy. Brands do provide value through their content, and their profile organically rises among consumers.
  • If you’re investing in paid media, however, the struggle towards that goal is tougher, because, as these data show, consumers are skeptical of content that targets their pocketbooks.

 What works: It’s still all about relationships

  • A relevant message. Use data and social media to understand your audience. What do your potential customers really want or need in their lives? Make sure your ad is filling that need.
  • Building trust, not just selling products. There’s already a lot of online sales noise; you will break through by providing value and building trust.
  • Landing pages with valuable content and product information. Directing traffic to content that is persuasive and fresh.

Content marketing is all about building relationships through great content. Talk to us at Top of Mind Marketing—we help our clients build online brands.


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