Put the Great American Novel on Hold; Time to Write an eBook

By March 9, 2013Uncategorized

I like to make the most of my content. I repurpose everything . . . so is it time to think about an ebook? 

Think about it.
You’ve probably labored over a gazillion presentations over the last few years that tell a compelling story. These likely include some snappy graphics and useful stats. A very good start.

Now take a look at your blog posts. I just checked mine and I have more than 70. I’m really liking this.

Next up: log into your newsletter application and review your archives.Figure two-three articles/newsletter. Put this all together and you’ve developed a pretty significant body of work.

But there’s one more obstacle.
You think you don’t know enough to be writing a book. Books are written by experts, right?

Are you kidding?
Have you seen some of the crap out there? How long have you been working in your particular industry? Think you’re not an expert?

Time to start thinking about how to organize the information you want to share in your ebook . . . 

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