Raising the Value of Content: Content as Currency

Your content has taken on a monetary value–it buys trust and knowledge

The competition for eyeballs is fierce and relentless—and yes, there’s a dollar, or currency, component. Let’s be realistic, we’re not killing ourselves to come up with clever articles for our health. We’re trolling for new clients. We want to make money from our content. We want to be recognized as smart, thoughtful, savvy subject matter experts.

Other reasons for content’s value, just like that of traditional currency:

  1. Content goes viral; it’s shared and exchanged with others to acquire additional knowledge.
  2. Financial transactions used to buy status; now, content buys trust.
  3. Content creates equity. The more expertise you bring to the table, the more business you can create. The way you display your expertise is in the form of content.
  4. Currency is anything that is used as a medium of exchange. Content is currency because it acts as an exchange agent between people with similar interests and goals.

BTW: We’ve been hearing about content is king for years now, but its reign has ended. Conversation is the new king. It’s not enough just to create content. You need to be creating interaction. People need to be responding, leaving comments to which other people feel compelled to respond. Content for the sake of content is just not good enough. Damn. They just keep raising the bar.

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