Rethinking Your Newsletter Format: How Does It Translate to Your Phone

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Rethinking Your Newsletter Format: How Does It Translate to Your Phone?


If you want your audience to read your newsletter, make sure it translates to mobile

I’ve been working with a real estate client to create digital communication accounts, including a newsletter. I’ve always preferred two-columns—you have a better chance to capture the attention with two snappy headlines right at the top of your page. But we began examining newsletters on our phones, and it’s clear that a single-column format translates better to these digital devices. And since 65% of email now gets opened on phones, it’s time to start rethinking your newsletter format: how does it translate to your phone?

Not considering digital devices? Time to reconsider

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer because digital communication is my client product, so I have the luxury of pulling up newsletters on my big screen. I rarely open them on my phone (and I do open a lot of newsletters rather than just deleting them—I’m not above stealing ideas!), because it takes longer and it’s never optimal.

Phones as lifelines

But my real estate clients spend their days viewing houses, meeting with clients–and sitting in traffic. They rush home to pick up their kids from daycare, make dinner and get their kids to bed, and may not have the luxury of logging in to their computers until late in the evening, if at all. Their phones are their lifelines, just as they are for those in a host of other industries—healthcare, hospitality, law, etc.

Just as websites have gotten simpler to translate to digital devices, so have newsletters. If you want your audience to read what you have to say, make it easy for them!

A few more tips for optimizing your newsletter for phones

  • At least 11 pt. for body text; 22 pt. for headers
  • Keep articles short
  • Strong contrast of colors—avoid reverse type on dark backgrounds
  • Call to action at top of newsletter
  • Take it easy on images–Android turns images off by default
  • If you have a few articles, include a table of contents at the top of the newsletter

Need help developing a newsletter template that works for mobile devices? Talk to us at Top of Mind Marketing. We’re content marketing experts.

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