Seeing is Believing: The Power of Pictures

In case you’ve just emerged from Sleepy Hollow, you know that we live in a visual world. New delivery channels mean that we’re being inundated with content, and the competition for readers’ attention is fierce. You need to be smart, clever, funny, timely and thoughtful. You also need to include pictures.

I have a running joke with one of my pals. It takes me twice as long to read the paper (I’m a dinosaur–I love newspapers.) because I read the articles, and he just looks at the pictures.

Facebook’s new timeline places a heavy emphasis on images. The Cover, or banner, blurs the distinction between a website and social media. It’s an important branding component, with the ability to include a logo, tagline and images.

What I really like about the Cover is that it’s easy to swap out and update it–you can change it as your business evolves–which it will. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong.

According to an internal Facebook study, posts that include a photo album or picture can generate 2x more engagement than other types of posts. More than 250M photos are uploaded every day on FB.

And the current darling? That would be Pinterest, the online bulletin board that is getting so much attention. Something you may not know? It’s still in beta, and it’s already making money. The demographics are compelling: 83% of Pinterest users are females 18-34; they are in the fashion, design or home décor businesses. If this is your demographic, this is a great place to be.

None of us knows what social media is going to look like five years from now, but you can bet that it will include images and video. I want to think that images are not replacing well-written content; rather, they are enhancing it. I recommend including an image in your social media posts at least once/week.

Don’t believe me? Add images to your posts for a few days and see your responses soar. It’s not a coincidence.

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