SEO and Those Pesky Algorithms

By March 18, 2011SEO, Uncategorized

In case you missed it, google changed its algorithms. I know, who cares. Search engine optimization has always been a little voodoo to most of us, but not to me–at least not anymore. Not since I sat down and registered my website on more than 100 website directories. Difficult? No. Tedious? Oh, yeah. But everyone tells you that this is one of the things you need to do to show up in a search.

So now they’ve changed the algorithms, which means that those directories may not longer be relevant. Before falling on my sword, I did some reading, and all may not be lost. Think publish. Publish everything and publish often. The reality remains that the more content you have in online environments, the more likely it is that you will not just show up in search engines, but have a high ranking on the first page or two rather than in Siberia.

Publish means articles, and you can upload these on many of the directories on which you registered your site. The format varies a bit, but you have the ability to create a bio, upload a picture of yourself, (don’t forget to label this image–it counts as online content) identify keywords, add your website and then drop your article into the appropriate field.

Get serious about blogging. In a recent article on Hubspot (, they reported that in more than 1,500 small-medium sized businesses, those companies that had a blog, on average, had 55% more website traffic. The experts agree that content remains the constant. If you’re not yet doing a newsletter, blog and frequent social media updates, ask me about how I work with my clients. It’s time to embrace these electronic communication channels.

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