SEO Content: We Think You Should Be Getting Some ROI from Your Website


Still waiting to get a client from your website? Contact us at Top of Mind Marketing. We think you should be some return on your investment

We hear this all of the time: “I’ve spent a fortune on my website and I’ve never gotten a single client from it.” We develop website content that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-savvy because we think you should be getting some return on your investment.

SEO starts with your keywords
Identify your keywords for optimal SEO: think of the words that describe what you do; for most of us, our SEO strategies are based on our product or services. Think also about those words people would be keying into a search engine to look for your services. A tip: pay attention to the words and phrases that pop up when you key in the words you have identified as your keywords. If you need further help, go to applications such as Google AdWords or MerchantWords, which will help you further define your keywords for enhanced SEO.

These keywords/products and services should be on your main navigation menu, and each gets its own landing page with SEO-rich content. If you have other important keywords, you can create another level of drilldown from your main navigation pages, with a corresponding layer of SEO-rich content.

A good SEO content page should:

  1. Remain strictly focused on its keyword topic.
  2. Repeat that keyword as many times (8-15x) as possible on the page, while remaining a narrative—remember that it still has to make sense!
  3. Be at least 300 words.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. If your website is not generating leads, talk to us @ Top of Mind Marketing. We’re skilled at developing SEO-savvy website content that search engines can find.

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