Sex Should Not be Used as a Marketing Tool

By September 17, 2012The basics, Uncategorized

Now that I’ve become a passionate sports fan, I’m seeing something which I find appalling–every sportscast seems to think they need to have a woman–generally a very sexy woman–announcer. Generally just one token female.

I just watched the intro to Sunday night football, featuring the 49ers and the Detroit Lions. There was music, flashing graphics and a woman strutting around the stage wearing what is likely a tiny, size 0 dress and stiletto heels. Of course she had long blonde hair which she shook around as she gyrated. I absolutely hate that women are being objectified like this.

While I’m all for sexual equality, I struggle a bit with women sports announcers. It may have something to do with too much cleavage, too many short skirts and too little knowledge of the game. I think of Marty Lurie, to whose KNBR show I faithfully listen. This guy loves baseball and understands the lore, history and the extraordinary players that make this sport so compelling for the 40,000+ fans who stream into AT&T Park for every home game.

Showing too much skin and being perceived as a sex object is not what women’s liberation advocates fought for more than 40 years ago. This isn’t doing any favors for sports or for women.

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