A Business Card the Size of a Postage Stamp: This is So Not the Time to Be Cute

By October 1, 2012The basics, Uncategorized

I was at a networking event the other day and someone handed me a business card that was approximately the size of a postage stamp. I just looked at her–you’ve got to be kidding. The lettering was in some tiny little stylized font that I couldn’t read. Her name was missing, though her website appeared to be on it, though I couldn’t make it out, even with my super old-person pair of reading glasses.

Your business card is so totally not the time to be cute. It’s about communication. You have one chance to hand it to a person, make eye contact and shake someone’s hand. Your card needs to look good, but more than winning design contests, it needs to be readable.

I see this kind of skewed thinking all the time and, frankly, it totally mystifies me. People pour their hearts, souls, life savings and maxed-out credit cards into starting their own businesses, then turn around and give their businesses foreign names that no one can pronounce or choose fonts or lettering for them that are so stylized that people can’t read them.

Why does this make a difference? If no one can read or pronounce the name of your business, you’ve just lost word of mouth advertising which is the very best way to grow your business because it’s absolutely free. Make it easy for people to find you–and just as important–tell their friends about you.  

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