Social Media: Blurring the Lines Between Professional and Personal

By February 8, 2013Social media, Uncategorized

With social media, we’re blurring the lines between personal and professional

We live these crazy, stressed-out lives. We work from our home offices, isolated, many of us completely virtual.

Yet we’re curious . . .
We still want to be able to see what potential clients and colleagues look like, we want to know about their families and the way they live their lives.

Admit it . . . 
We’re secretly delighted by the little things they share on their Facebook Pages and Timelines—the silly pet tricks, the humanitarian causes they support, activities with their kids.

We’re relieved when they share our politics and thrilled that, just like us, they’re totally nutso about the Giants. These insights are like little windows into people’s souls, and these are the things that make people feel connected.

Once you have that connection, anything is possible. That’s what social media is all about.

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