Social Media Wars Heat Up

Unless you’ve just emerged from Sleepy Hollow, you’ve heard about Google’s
new social media app, google+.

They’re rolling it out slowly and in phases. They’re cautious, because
their previous entry into the world of social media, Buzz, was a dog. But
google+ is positioning itself to give Facebook a run for its money. (As per
previous newsletter, Facebook stole Google’s chef, and they had the best food
in the Valley, so this is their way of getting even)

Integration is the seduction

The biggest seduction is that Google+ is designed to integrate with all
the other google apps that we use on a daily basis. Millions and millions of
people use Google’s free services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc.), and with Google+
bound so tightly to them it may be counterproductive to exit to use some other social
site (Facebook) to do your social networking. This is very powerful, and it
reminds me of another software provider that knew all about the power of
integration–Microsoft. We used their operating system and office software, and
I remember when we finally gave up and migrated from Netscape to IE because it just
became a lot more productive.

I’m tired of Facebook’s arrogance

While I think Facebook is fun and has grown to become an important communication
tool, I hate their arrogance–their help menu sucks. Facebook’s attitude seems
to be that if you have questions, you’re stupid and not their demographic–forget
that they change the interface about every 3.5 days. If Google+ becomes easier
to use than Facebook, I will have no moral issues about migrating into the
integrated Google environment. Whatever happens, it will be fun watching these
companies duke it out.

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