The Case of a Case Study that Went Viral

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Last week I used parts of a case study that I added to my website a few weeks ago and repurposed it in my monthly newsletter: subject line: Content Marketing Increases Web Referrals by 50%.

The amazing thing? It went viral

My case study was picked up by 80 Proof Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO and other online media. They featured my case study in their post, 64 Of The Best Channel Marketing Case Studies, with this message,

Thanks for providing a valuable resource, and if you feel inclined to share the post with your audience, we appreciate the exposure.

Well, I’m now sharing this with my audience. I got a lot of feedback from that post—from other marketers, from people I didn’t know retweeting it on Twitter, etc.

The moral of this story: Content marketing works

topofmindmarketing going viral

My case study went viral–content marketing works!

People make time to read good, relevant content, which is what content marketing is all about. In this example, I used a case study, a powerful way to demonstrate how you work with your clients. Identify a client, the project, challenge, solution and result.

This should be broken down so it’s easy to read and understand with a few images. The last part is the best—if you’re saving them money, getting them new business or streamlining processes, you’re doing your job, and there’s a very good chance that someone else may relate to that same scenario, find this compelling and want to work with you.

Add a new case study for each new project

Including a page for case studies on your website is a no-brainer. It’s a great way to add fresh content to your site. After you finish a project, whip up a description and add to this tab. By adding fresh content, you’re also adding to your SEO value—increasing your rankings in search engines. Don’t stop there. Write a blog about it and post it to social media. Make this work for you in the same way you worked for your client.

Need help making your content marketing strategy work? Talk to us at Top of Mind Marketing. We’re writers and digital media experts.

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